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Renata's Theraputic Approach

Seen from a coaching perspective*, Renata's role is that of a facilitator of the client's own developing awareness. Using the Demartini Method® she applies structure to the process; aiding identification of a path to follow. Strategic questions prompt the client toward perceptional shifts, known in The Method as 'breakthrough'. Her coaching guides the client towards insight by invoking answers that accelerate deeper understanding and resolution. Once experienced, these moments are impossible to forget or return to, freeing the client to enjoy life with less confusion, more forgiveness, greater acceptance of themselves and others, and clearer more decisive choices.

*Renata's coaching is not psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.
She is not a medical doctor and does not prescribe drugs or treat disease.

Areas of life that can benefit from this approach...

Well being...

Stress management, anxiety, fear and other limiting emotions

Destructive emotional thought loops broken

Self-undermining behaviors transformed

Maintain momentum past the plateau stage

Pain management and a greater sense of 'self' and authenticity


Confidence, assertiveness and charisma cultivated

Intuition brought further into mainstream thinking

Understand work-life balance and live a richer life

Clarity and decisiveness elevated

Confidence in public; delivering presentations, speeches

Resolve disputes & dissolve grievances from holding on and holding in


Family, partnerships and friendships strenghthened

Dissipate grief or loss from deaths, relationships or a dream gone-wrong

Intimacy, openness and communication elevated

Overcome toxic behaviours to revitalize relationships

Dissolve feelings of shame, blame and victimisation

Trust, sensitivity and understanding

Renata's success in the areas above is well documented by the stories from clients, read some here. But her empathy and sensitivity precedes this type of coaching and is founded in many years as a professional in massage and body therapies. A natural adaptation of intimate discretion in respect to the profound personal nature of the cognitive issues; the difficulty and frustration in facing them objectively. She has cultivated a deep capacity for trust that eases her clients through the process, at the same time she maintains a clear vision of the 'path'; guiding them surely and steadily to new understanding.

Theraputic Approach
Demartini Method