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Renata is one of the best facilitators I have worked with. She is a very good listener and I could share anything with her, as if speaking to a best friend. By asking the right questions she has helped me overcome shame and guilt. I appreciate her help and will always be remembered.

Ria, Sydney
Many emotions I had been dwelling on for years stopped me from moving forward. My clouded thoughts and perceptions became clear today. The workshop gave me courage to look at this cloud and realize the person I was blaming was not to blame at all. Even though the task was difficult, once I got there it was like a huge weight being lifted; an incredible feeling of relief. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to using the Demartini Method going forward in my life. A very humbling experience, thank you.


Brendan Coustley, Actor
Renata is a truly inspiring individual. Her dedication to the "Breakthrough experience" is supported by true belief in the process and obvious passion for life. A wonderful communicator who's light shines bright in leading us beyond torment, on to greater wisdom and understanding.


Renata helped me identify new solutions in two life events that for too long had been the source of anxiety. The self-analysis she guided me through gave me the keys to re-think other situations in my life that relieved a lot of stress.


Emily Gowor, Writer and Editor
Being a successful professional I understand the importance of being on top of my game and how emotions can effect my business. For the last three years I have called on Renata and The Demartini Method to help me resolve emotional stress, so I can focus and do more of what I love. Renata understands the method really well and knows how to use it’s power to help people gain clarity.


Ronita Miles, Director, Competitive Edge Consulting
Renata’s sessions are nurturing and strong. She has an amazing ability to intuitively get to the heart of any issue, providing an intelligent realistic approach using the Demartini Method. The process of understanding how to open my heart was both frightening and beautiful. Renata helped me breakthrough to see the perfection in my life. For anyone who would like to change their thinking and appreciate life in all its forms, I encourage sessions with Renata.


Mario Ruel - Ruel Rigging
The thing I like most about coaching with Renata is how focused and on track she keeps me. She has mastered the Demartini Method to a point where she's made it her own. Renata succeeded at guiding me through processes where no one else had before, where I was able to transform self-hatred into self-love.

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