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How are they conducted?

Depending on your location, consultations are held either in person, by fixed-line phone or by Skype in either video or audio-only formats. Renata's home base is in Sydney, Australia but she travels frequently and can even do so by special request for in-person service. Listed below are the standard types of service but any customised service is negotiable, including programs for corporations and groups. Services can be invoiced to comply with local taxation laws as deductible business expenses, where appropriate.


Exploration Session - 15 minutes
The first time you engage Renata's services is always preceded with an exploratory conversation either by phone or skype. The purpose is to define a path forward, set some goals and negotiate an agreeable program. There is no charge for this.

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Single Consultations - 30 minute increments
Some issues may be easy for you to define, simple enough to just need discussion, an objective opinion or an insight in to a thought process or impending decision. Individual Consultations can be booked by existing clients as needed. Fees are negotiated at the time of booking.

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Individualized Program - as recommended
The most effective way to benefit from the Demartini Method®, with the most powerful transformative results, is to follow a program of sessions as recommended by Renata. A program takes into account negotiated goals and allows progressive reinforcement from one session to another so that changes in perception can be reaffirmed. Renata reports her notes on each session so you can review, reflect, and 'practice' viewpoints in your own time. Programs only follow an Exploration Session when fees are negotiated accordingly.

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