Renata’s commitment to care and assistance for others began with a successful 25 year career in massage, skin and body therapies. Services which she continues today. But her dedication and passion for the inner workings of ‘ourselves’, in regard to mind and emotions, began much earlier.

As a seven year old child she found the world changing out of control when her family escaped Soviet Czechoslovakia. Torn away from her life, regardless how difficult it was, and thrown into another country with a different language was ‘maturing’ beyond her young age.

The concept and question of ‘Why?’ became the background upon which she grew, experienced, laughed and cried. Now as a successful business woman, technically qualified, she has acquired sophisticated tools as a Trained Facilitator of the The Demartini Method®. A cognitive training methodology that brings accelerated answers to the same question, for both her and her clients.

Today she lives in Sydney, Australia. Traveling to assist Dr. John Demartini with his signature program: ‘The Breakthrough Experience’; consulting to her own clients around the world by electronic communications; and administering good-old-fashioned care in the form of massage and skin treatments to a select group of clients.


Renata is an approachable person and available for consultations or an introductory chat.
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